Breakfast on the Golden Sands of Coronado Beach

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I decided to head down to San Diego early for the charity boxing event last weekend — early enough to grab some breakfast and play on Coronado beach for awhile.

I was tempted to go back to the Cafe 1134, remembering the amazing omelettes from my first visit, but decided to try something new, ending up at Clayton’s Coffee Shop. Even at 8:30 on a Saturday morning there was a still a line, so I opted instead for Clayton’s Takeout.

Apparently they’re known for their donuts, but I wanted something a little more savory and grabbed a bagel breakfast sandwich. The bagel was quite good, though pricey (as are most things on the island) at $6.95.Clayton's Takeout Breakfast Bagel

Breakfast acquired I headed to the beach to munch and spend a few hours splashing happily in the shallows. Public access to the beach is tucked between tall condos but the parking is free if you can find a spot.

Coronado Beach San Diego Public Access

I started to wander on the hard packed wet sand and pulled up short — the beach appeared to be gold.

Coronado Beach San Diego metallic wet sand

And it wasn’t just a trick of the sun, after walking along the wet sands, my feet became covered in golden flakes, which later I discovered were mica.

Coronado Beach San Diego golden sand

And as if gilded sands wasn’t enough the beach also features a small but robust rocky tide pool area and I enjoyed watching the little crabs, sea anemones, and other creatures.

Coronado Beach San Diego tidepool rocks closeup

The waves aren’t much to speak of, but it’s a great place for walking or playing games, and even the brief strip of soft sand is powdery white. You can also check out the beautiful hotels that go for $500+ a night and were designated “blighted” years ago for tax benefits…

Coronado Beach San Diego hotel coronado

Just make sure you pay attention to where the adjacent naval base starts (there’s not really any signage) or you’ll get yelled at for trespassing. 🙂

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