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Grilled Cheese by the Ocean

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It was a convertible weather kind of day and my bestie and I were looking for a lunch spot on the beach south of Los Angeles. I stumbled across reviews for The Hangout Bar & Grill in Seal Beach. Not “on the beach” per say, but across the street from the beach in a sweet little town.

the hangout bar & grill seal beach restaurants front

Sounded like a chill place with a decent burger menu so we headed over. It was busy during Saturday lunch, but not a long wait and a menu better than expected. Grilled cheese!?

the hangout bar & grill seal beach restaurants menu

Sodas served in Mason jars

Sodas served in Mason jars

Looking around, everything people had looked really tasty. We zeroed in on the fried pickles though several of the appetizers looked appealing.

the hangout bar & grill seal beach restaurants fried pickles

They were perfectly done. Only the lightest of batter, just enough to keep in plenty of dill juice.

For the entrée, I waffled between shrimp po’ boy and the array of grilled cheese, finally settling on the shrimp tacos. Two was more than enough as each was heaped to bursting with lightly battered shrimp.

the hangout bar & grill seal beach restaurants shrimp tacos

My friend’s choice of brisket sliders had the same problem. The fresh buns were overflowing with brisket. Now I’m a BBQ snob, but for a beach in California they were good. Nice meaty flavor and the right amount of sauce.

the hangout bar & grill seal beach restaurants brisket sliders

Service was friendly and efficient, the food far better than expected given its prime location. I’ll go back in a heartbeat, just have to make sure I incorporate a brisk walk by the ocean afterwards.

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