Passengers Fall Ill on Historic Cruise to Cuba, Media Suspects Norovirus

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The Adonia Fathom cruise recently returned from its first trip to Cuba, and at least 14 of the 700 passengers had fallen ill with some kind of stomach virus, possibly Norovirus, according to news reports. But while the media was busy reporting it as a possible norovirus outbreak, it was interesting to note none of the passengers interviewed seem to feel like it was an issue, and all had recovered by the time they arrived in Miami.

“I think it was something I ate,’ said McGrann, 75, who added she felt fine later in the afternoon…’I wish I had never said anything,’ said McGrann. “I would have been crushed if this had happened yesterday and made me miss seeing Santiago.”

credit: Cruise Critic

credit: Cruise Critic

If you have an upcoming cruise or are rethinking booking one for fear of Norovirus, Cruise Critic has a great overview of what Norovirus is and what you can do to avoid it.

Bottom line, just like with air travel, wash your hands all the time and consider antibaterial gel and wipes for surfaces in common areas.

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