Travel Makeup Review: Great Eyeliner Pen for $4

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Usually when I forget to pack something for a short trip I’ll just do without. Unless it’s something essential like deodorant, or in this recent case, eyeliner. Without it I look sleepy, and on a trip like my 2 day jaunt to Panama which involved multiple red eyes, forget it!

But thanks to my monthly beauty boxes, I have a stack of high-end eyeliner favorites at home and my frugal soul rebels at the thought of spending another $10-$20 just for a few days. That’s how I wound up at CVS on a layover looking for a cheap but suitable replacement. And I found it! Wet N Wild’s Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner which runs about $4.

wet n wild proline felt tip eyeliner

I look for 3 things in a travel eyeliner:

  1. Long lasting — I want to get through at least a day of travel without having to look at, much less touch up, my makeup.
  2. Waterproof/smudgeproof — I cry at movies on planes, get stuck in rainstorms while walking, and rub my eyes with careless abandon. I want something that won’t smear so I don’t really have to think about checking my makeup (notice a trend?).
  3. Easy removal— I don’t want it to smudge, but I do want it to come off easily when I’m ready and without having to pack makeup remover. After a long day of siteseeing or travel, it can be hard enough just to find the energy to wash my face.

And for the most part, the inexpensive Wet N Wild Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner fit the bill.

The black went on richer and brighter than my go-to Eyeko products, and lasted at least 24 hours in transit. For the most part it was smudgeproof, although when it wasn’t, it wasn’t a matter of smearing, it was more like the line had been transferred closer to my temple when I rubbed my eye. And while I had to swab with a cloth a few more times to get most of it off at night and sometimes use some face cream, it was still pretty hassle-free.

For $3-$5, a great find, though I still prefer Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner and Be a Bombshell Onyx Eyeliner Pen for daily use and longer trips.

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