September Verizon Up Rewards Are Now Available

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Last month Verizon launched a new, rather decent rewards program, Verizon Up, to replace the original (and worthless) Verizon Smart Rewards. This program, which is different from the also decent Verizon Rewards+ offers one reward for $300 in spend and one free credit for signing up for the program.

Your credit can be redeemed within 60 days for one of 6 rewards, including a “Superticket” if you’re fortunate enough to get one. The rewards are refreshed the first day of every month, not sure exactly when. They weren’t online as of noon yesterday, but pulling up my app today I can see the new September rewards:

  • $15 off shoes and apparel at New Balance
  • 20% off any smartphone or tablet case
  • $30 in free driving at Zipcar
  • $10 device dollars
  • 2 month subscription to Headspace
  • $5 Sephora gift card


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There are 4 for the month so far. I missed the Roger Waters concert tickets, but these are coming up in the 2 days:

  • Dinner with Dominique Wilkins
  • Dinner Lenny Wilkins
  • Dinner with D’Angelo Russell

These are definitely an improvement over the old program since they allow you to earn something without also having to pay. Whether or not the program is worth giving Verizon access to all your usage data is a different question.

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  1. Verizon smart rewards being worthless is in the eye of the beholder ;). I have used the smart rewards to buy Carnival Cruise gift cards at 10% off. My most recent purchase was for 5400 dollars worth at 10 % off, saving me 540 dollars. This was only one time and there have been many others. Please tell me where I can save that much with Verizon up?

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