27 Ways to Use Worthless Verizon Smart Rewards Points

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Earlier this year I finally found something that I could redeem my Verizon Smart Rewards points for that didn’t also require a cash component: magazine subscriptions. At the time there was only a handful of magazines you could redeem for, including the Wall Street Journal.

The list of points-only redemptions has expanded to 27 publications now (h/t: ultra63 on Slickdeals), so if you’re sitting on a bunch of Verizon reward points you have no use for, this might be useful.

Afar Magazine
Bon Appetit Magazine
Conde Nast Traveler Magazine
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Elle Magazine
ESPN Magazine
FamilyFun Magazine
Glamour Magazine
Golf Digest Magazine
Good Housekeeping Magazine
GQ Magazine
Harper’s Bazaar Magazine
Marie Clarie Magazine
Outside Magazine
Rachael Ray Everyday
Self Magazine
Seventeen Magazine
Shape Magazine
Teen Vogue Magazine
Vanity Fair Magazine
Vogue Magazine
W Magazine
Wall Street Journal
Wired Magazine
Woman’s Day Magazine

To pull up the list of options, login to your rewards account, select merchandise >> magazines >> points only.

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  1. Where do you get to the magazines? I can find no such option. I only see “Browse movies”, “Enter sweeps”, “Shop gift cards”, and “Get wireless data”.

    1. Sounds like you’re logged into My Rewards+ (Fios). You want to log in to the Smart Rewards portal under your wireless account. Once there, go to Merchandise on the top navigation, under the drop down choose Magazines.

  2. Anything else that is of any value with the rewards program? I have like 200k points? Thanks for the magazine tip!! Are the gift card discounts worth it?

  3. This is the absolute worst “reward program” I have ever been automatically enrolled in. What a freaking joke.

  4. This is absolutely the WORST rewards program ever. They really do make a fool of you by even using the word ‘rewards’. They fool you into signing up for a reward that you cannot use for anything meaningful (500K points for $10 Home Depot card) and then hack into your privacy and make money by sharing it. Gosh, when will someone step in to protect the consumer from these ‘hyenas in the boardroom’.
    And now, they claim to have listened to us and will let these points expire in Nov!.. and start a new program that I bet will be worse than this one.
    Their marketing mantra is ‘Customer was King but is now Stupid’ because he complains but has nowhere to go. DO NOT sign up for the new rewards program. Let’s teach these MFs a lesson!

    1. Aw, comeon, they only average well over a BILLION $$$ in profits PER MONTH. They charge US citizens vastly more than what citizens in other first world nations pay, while putting up less new towers than the competition and making customer ‘pick a number’ to wait for ‘service’ in their store, ‘service’ that conists of them just wanting to SELL you over priced phones, packages and vastly overpriced accessories. Pure greed.
      After raping and pillaging Yahoo and AOL, buying them up for pennies on the dollar of their actual worth, only after needling them down ruthlesssly. They paid off the head of Yahoo $186 million to go away,then gutted their helpless victim Yahoo, ruining THAT ‘customer experience’. Now, big red’s not happy enough to just keep the poor senior citizens who didn’t realize they COULD HAVE been getting AOL for FREE for putting up with shlock advertising often disguised as AOL service,(any decent, moral company would’ve informed the poor senior citizens they didn’t have to pay and survive on ramen noodles) now they’re making the tens of millions who DO get it for free, PAY. At first, $3.99, now a few months later already jacked up to $4.99!!!! And even more schlock avertising, computer freeze ups and less service! They call it “AOL GOLD”—yea alright, more GOLD for their silk lined pockets alright…And while on their buying rampage, they bought and ruined Tumblr too! Immoral devil’s wearing suits…

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