Hotel Review: Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown

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I have to hand it to Hyatt Place, they have the most consistent brand and appearance of any chain I’ve seen. It far surpasses just “brand standards.” The Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown was the 5th Hyatt Place I’ve stayed in. And I didn’t take any pictures of the lobby or common areas because it was identical to the previous four. 🙂

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown

I also didn’t take pictures because it was 2AM when I checked in. My flight had been delayed by two hours, and worried I’d lose my reservation since it was the first weekend of Balloon Fiesta, I’d called ahead to let them know I wasn’t checking in until after midnight.

When I arrived, the front desk agent, Carl invited me to take a seat nearby since he needed to reinstate reservation! Apparently they’d expected me at midnight. Oh well.

It only took a minute or two and I was offered a bottle of water and any amenities I might have forgotten. The friendly customer service I received in the 5 minutes it took to get checked in made a big difference.

My room was on the 5th floor. When I got off the elevator the floor smelled a little musty but my room was fine and the next morning the smell was gone.

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown Sitting Room

Aaaaand my room looked exactly like a Hyatt Place room should look. The couch was unsagged.

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown Sofa Bed

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown Desk area

The mini-fridge wasn’t too loud.

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown Kitchenette

Super comfy beds.

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown Double Beds

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown Bathroom

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown TV glasses

The pool was heated and looked well maintained.

Hyatt Place Albuquerque Uptown Pool

The best part was the location! A seven minute walk to the Coronado Mall and Balloon Fiesta Park & Ride stop. It was surrounded by shopping and various chain restaurants. Best of all, very convenient to I-25 and only 15 minutes from the airport.


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