Should You Get AAA Just for the Hotel Discounts?

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A few years ago I got a AAA Membership. But not for the auto services which my car insurance already included, I got it just for the hotel discounts. I was skeptical at first, but after doing a little research, I realized that if I used it for even 6 stays, I would be breaking even with the $59.99 membership fee (fees can range from $50-$80 for a basic membership depending on your region).

The appeal? Discounts similar to pre-paid rates but a more generous cancellation policy

I picked one weekend and compared rates across various chains to assess just how much I’d save. In many cases the AAA rate is the same or a little more than the pre-paid rate but it has the same cancellation policy as a flexible rate. Which means I can save money and lock in an option while still being able to cancel the day of or day before . In some cases it also comes with other perks like breakfast or free parking.

Marriott Rates

Marriott AAA rate comparison

Radisson RatesRadisson AAA rate comparison

Hilton Rates

Hilton AAA rate comparison

Hyatt RatesHyatt AAA rate comparison

Starwood RatesStarwood AAA rate comparison

IHG RatesIHG AAA rate comparison

If you’re going to make 6 paid hotel stays a year or more and value flexibility, it’s definitely worth considering AAA membership. And of course, even if you’re just using it for the hotels you’ll still have access to the roadside assistance and discounts at various attractions. Not to mention their new WOWpoints program (which probably isn’t worth your time)


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