AAA Membership Just for Hotel Discounts?

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A few months ago I received a discounted offer from AAA and considered joining, but wasn’t sure if it was worth the $61 fee. I already have roadside assistance through my car insurance and one of my credit cards, so I would be getting it just for the hotel discounts.

Would I save more than $61 (with $5 discount for auto renewal)?

The 5 page letter with brightly colored inserts soon disappeared under a stack of mail while I was figuring out the value proposition and I soon forgot. Earlier this week though, I received an email from Hyatt announcing Free Breakfast for AAA members and it prompted me to finally work through it.

Free Hyatt Breakfast for AAA Members

When doing a sample search of hotels in DC for various dates, I found that the AAA rate was usually 10% off the regular rate (sometimes it was only 5%) and roughly, but not always, within a dollar or two of the advance purchase rate.

Is the AAA rate always going to be the best deals available? Probably not.  But if you’re going for hotel status (and thus can’t book through many 3rd party sites), want to lock in a low rate in advance without pre-paying or facing heavy cancellation penalties, and/or tend to book specific hotels at the last minute, AAA membership might be worth it.

Not to mention you do get roadside assistance 4x a year and discounts at various random restaurants and attractions.


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