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I Wish I Had Gone for the Upsell

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Today got off to a rough start. I was flying out of my apartment for a meeting and realized a tenth of a second before the locked door clicked shut behind me that my keys were still sitting on my coffee table.

An hour of searching for and calling the building manager to let me in was unsuccessful. Fortunately I had been locked out with my laptop and a coat so Jeanne came to get me and take me to work. Hours later of calling and investigating options and it was clear that I needed a locksmith.

While I was waiting for the locksmith it occurred to me I should check all the extra coverage that my various credit cards offered to see if “home lockout” was included in with the roadside assistance, purchase protection, and rental car insurance. Unfortunately not. But I did see that AAA offered it as part of the Premier level of membership.

Yay! I already had AAA for the hotel discounts. And I knew you could purchase membership (if you had web access) on the spot if your car broke down and would still be covered. I’d upgrade to the Premier level they’d been mailing me about in the past and have the locksmith fees waived.

Unfortunately not. Turns out there is a 7 day waiting period for Plus and Premier Memberships. Probably because of people like me.

aaa membership upgrade pricing

At the time, an extra $58 a year hadn’t seemed worthwhile. But now that I’m facing a $115 locksmith fee, I’m wishing AAA had been a little more effective in their upsell marketing. I would have liked to save $50+. I don’t plan to lock myself out again anytime soon, and I don’t really need free passport photos or map, so I probably won’t upgrade now. But it’s worth looking at the list of services and seeing in advance if any might pay for themselves!


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