Starwood Guaranteed Room Availability at a Sold Out Hotel & Why You Should Still Keep Checking

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I’ve started to plan for my Sicily trip later this month and nailing down hotel rooms was one of the first things on my list. I immediately zeroed in on the one Starwood property in Sicily since I need a stay, and was dismayed to see it was completely sold out for all of my dates. After stalking it for a few weeks with no rooms opening up, I called the Platinum Customer Service line to ask about the Platinum Guaranteed Room Availability.

“Yes, for you Ms. Anderson we have a room”

Unfortunately that room was at the rack rate of 176 Euros, much more than the 99 Euros/ 3,000 points it usually goes for. But it was in line with other places I was looking at and cancelleable until a day before so I decided to lock it in so I’d have options.

Sheraton Catania Platinum Guaranteed Room Availability

I also decided to check back every now and again just to see if any rooms using points popped up.

Sheraton Catania Sold Out Weekend Availability

It’s rare, especially if a place is sold out, but not impossible (it didn’t for my Dead Sea stay). And sure enough, this morning a room came up at 3,000 points. A HUGE savings. And a good reminder not to assume better options won’t come up and to keep checking.


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