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Hurry to Book! Great Availability for Summer Biz Class Award Tickets to Europe

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View From the Wing wrote about the incredible availability of transatlantic business class awards on US Airways last night, but I didn’t really take in what a great opportunity this was at first.

100,000 mile award tickets for Business Class to Europe is standard low season rates. But summer availability for multiple passengers at the low season rate is not! Nor is business class space to Tel Aviv in US Airways’ new business class seat.

I’ve never tried it, but I’ve heard alot about it, notably that it was the seat later adopted by Cathay Pacific and more recently American Airlines.

So it figured no sooner than I disclose that I book very few of my own awards when I’m delving into US Airways routes and options!

How to Book

I was able to book a trip to Tel Aviv later this year with my choice of dates, but I did run into a few problems.

  1. The US Airways site showed limited 60K each way availability, while the American Airlines website showed almost daily availability at the low season rate. The same applied for my searches for Venice, Italy.
    US Airways shows cheapest award at 110K

    US Airways shows cheapest award at 110K

    American Airlines Summer Venice Award Search

    American Airlines has limited availability, but shows US Airways flight options at 50K vs 110K

  2. When I did find available dates at the lowest 120,000 mile round trip price, the website would glitch and send me back to the initial search page when I attempted to book.
  3. Adding DCA-PHL segments doubled the miles required.

All easy to fix!

I found availability on the American Airlines website and just called US Airways to book. Because I have top status with US Airways there is no fee to change or cancel my ticket, so I’ll be able to add the DCA-PHL flights later. Worst come to worst I could just book a cheap flight up or drive.

If you’re interested, make sure you book immediately! Inventory was disappearing as I was looking for flights!


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