Airline Passenger Attacks Snoring Seatmate With a Pen

a woman sleeping on an airplane

The battle in the skies is escalating (sorta). Earlier this week I wrote about the New York Times article on passengers squatting better seats and insisting people switch with them. Now snorers are being “attacked.”

CNN reports that a passenger was removed from a Chicago-based Southwest Airlines flight headed to Manchester, New Hampshire after she jabbed her seatmate in the arm with a pen, supposedly to stop him snoring. The pilot returned the plane to the gate and the woman was removed.

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Overreaction or justified?

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  1. He should have punched her in the face and broken her nose. Are you serious? That’s honestly the best she could come up with? No “excuse me” with a *nudge*nudge*? Or my personal favorite–either drop something or accidentally let your knee touch theirs…that usually does the trick. OR OR OR, put in some earplugs and deal with it. We become so focused on premium experiences when flying, that I think a lot of times people don’t realize that whatever the situation (great or horrible), it’s extremely temporary, and you will be back to your life in no time.

    1. Just dig out the knitting and elbow him everytime he snores. You can say he startled you because you were concentrating so much on your pattern.

  2. Those who snore do not do it on purpose. I’ve been down the CPAP route with disastrous results, so have tried to do something about it (wouldn’t be relevant on a plane anyways). I feel bad if someone is bothered by it, but it usually isn’t that bad. Naturally if someone else is snoring I’m very tolerant of it. Earplugs may help, but I don’t expect someone to have to resort to that if they are uncomfortable to that person.

    As ‘Garrett’ stated, an “accidental” nudge or bump in the leg may help. In the end, some tolerance would go a long way. I’m quite tolerant of other people’s quarks, and hope the karma reciprocates.

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