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The Best Advice If You’re Starting to Collect Miles & Points

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I’ve heard lots of great tips for newbies getting into collecting miles and points, but the best piece of advice was in Ed (of Pizza in Motion) and Summer’s (of Mommy Points) presentation at the Frequent Traveler University in DC last December.

Have a goal.

It sounds so simple and yet it’s critical. Many of my friends have found themselves overwhelmed by it all, or worse, with points they can’t use for the trip they want. Why? Because they started collecting without a specific trip or destination in mind.

So if you’re about to jump into the fun (and sometimes crazy) world of collecting miles and points, take a minute to think through what you want to accomplish.

Is it domestic travel? Is it an economy ticket to Europe? Perhaps international First Class to Asia?

Can you afford the plane ticket, but not the hotels you want?

Take a few minutes to think through what you want to accomplish by amassing points and that will help you focus your efforts on the right programs. 🙂

They’ve created great slides, I highly recommend checking them out!

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  1. Joey

    April 26, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    All the people I talk to who are interested in points/miles already have a goal (most seem to be honeymoon-related) so my best advice would be to start slow/moderate. It’s easy to be get carried away from reading the BA blogs given most if not all bloggers on here are seasoned miles/points collectors already.

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