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Hate Packing? New Travel Valet Service Packs, Ships, AND Launders

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I hate packing. I hate unpacking almost as much.

And there’s a new service that will not only pack and unpack your stuff, it will ship your suitcase in advance and clean your clothes. DUFL, a valet service for frequent travelers has just launched.

I’m intrigued by the concept. It’s not cheap, $99 a trip + $9.95 a month for them to store your closet, but if you’re always on the road, packing via your computer and not having to haul around your suitcase is probably worth it.

How Dufl Works

They send you a large suitcase and you put in all the clothes you wear, or might want to wear, on your trips.

You send it back, they photograph it and tag it and create an online closet for you.

At least 3 days before each trip, you select what clothes and toiletries you want and tell them where you’re staying.

They FedEx your chosen items which will arrive at your hotel before you do.

You drop it off at the front desk to be shipped back and DUFL will clean, press, and prep everything for your next trip.

Have a last minute trip? They’ll overnight your suitcase for an extra $49.


I like the idea of not having to find time for the cleaners and not having to deal with carryons or checked bags!

What do you think? Would you give it a try?

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