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How Dirty is That Airplane?

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It’s not new news, but Daily Mail just published an article talking about the disgusting amount of bacteria found on planes. Tray tables are commonly used to change babies diapers and those blankets found in first class have probably been used on a previous flight. And when you think about how quickly planes are turned around, it’s no surprise the cleaners aren’t vacuuming and disinfecting arm rests and tray tables.

What can you do to stay clean?

I’ve become “that person” on most flights. If I’m upgraded to first I’ll often use the hot towel, after I’ve satisfied my face and hands, to swab down the armrest, console and tray table. It’s not as good as disinfectant, but it still makes a difference. In economy I often pull out my individual disinfectant wipes and give everything a good going over before use.

The Daily Mail offers some other tips at the end of article for staying healthy and safe as well. One of them troubles me that it needed saying. You shouldn’t be walking barefoot on the plane, particularly not when going to the bathroom!

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