My First Airbnb Stay

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I’ve heard about Airbnb for years, but I never thought I’d stay in one. I strongly prefer hotels, not just for my elite status recognition and points earning, but also for the convenience and anonymity. The thought of staying in a stranger’s spare room never appealed.

And then I found myself with an overnight in McMinnville where $125 for the Red Lion Inn at the edge of town was my best option. Hmmmm. Maybe this was a good chance to check out Airbnb.

Sure enough, there was a nice looking suite of rooms located a few blocks from downtown for $95. After the $11 service fee and the $25 discount for my first stay, it wound up being $81. Cheap enough that it was worth trying, and if nothing else, it would be an interesting experience no?

My host contacted me a few hours after I reserved the room to set up a “check in” time and answer any questions. This was one part I wasn’t crazy about. It makes sense that my hosts would need to know when to expect me, but having a set time definitely limited the possible spontaneity of my trip.

Checking in was a non-event. One of my hosts was there to greet me and even carried my bag up the stairs. It turned out I had the entire top floor to myself.

A charming bedroom.

McMinnville OR Airbnb bedroom

An amazing large bathroom with two skylights.

McMinnville OR Airbnb bathroom

And a little study/work area with a mini-fridge stocked with complementary water and beer.

McMinnville OR Airbnb den

Even a little nook if I wanted to read and look out on the backyard.

McMinnville OR Airbnb reading nook

Because I went for an early dinner and then crashed early, I think I missed out on the true Airbnb experience which is getting to know your hosts. By the time I had caught up on work email and conference calls in the morning, they had already left for work, but left me a sweet note.

I had a great stay and would definitely try it again when staying in small towns, but for me Airbnb won’t be a top option. I’m too spoiled by not having to pack a hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner and other amenities I take for granted. And even though they had offered me the use of their coffee pot, I wasn’t going to wander down in my PJs to grab an early morning cup.

If you’re interested in trying Airbnb for the first time, please use my link and we’ll both get $25 towards our next stay.

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