Cruise Line Cracks Down on Alcohol Smuggling, Bans Bottled Beverages

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According to USA Today, Carnival Cruise Line announced June 9 that passengers would no longer be allowed to bring bottled beverages on board. (h/t: Kelly)

What does this mean?

  • Passengers are allowed to bring one bottle of wine or champagne
  • All other beverages you want to bring on board must be in unopened cans and cartons, be in your carry-on rather than checked luggage, and is limited to twelve.
  • Passengers can pre-order water at $2.99 per dozen or buy on board at a “reasonable” price of $4.99

I’m not really a cruise person after discovering a little too late that I can’t avoid sea sickness even on a ship as big as the Queen Mary 2. BUT my friend and I did enjoy pairing the amazing meals with the wine I’d brought on board — bottles we could not have afforded at cruise ship prices even one night, much less five.

Keri Kelly Queen Mary 2 dinner

Carnival claims this policy change is not to increase beverage revenue but to help avoid problems with passengers past their limit. I’m skeptical, but either way it sounds like passengers lose. Thoughts?


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