Should High Heels Be Mandatory for Flight Attendants?

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Via Times of Israel, El Al has recently made it mandatory for female flight attendants to wear high heels until all passengers have boarded and been seated. Before their uniform requirements only called for heels in the airport and boarding the plane.

With a background in marketing I get “brand image.” I also personally prefer to wear heels most days, finding them more comfortable for my Achilles and better looking than flats. That said, I think footwear should suit the situation, which on a plane I would think should be professional and practical.

By all means outlaw sneakers, Vibram FiveFingers, and even Crocs as not fitting a professional setting, but requiring heels? And what qualifies as heels — do they have a minimum height? Consistency is important, but policing footwear height is not what I want an airline focusing on.

What do you think?

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