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Do You Know How to Read a Restaurant Menu?

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The Washingtonian’s recent article How to Read a Menu Like a Food Critic really caught my eye (h/t Dan). One of the things I love most in a new city is to try new restaurants, but it’s always a challenge to know what to get when I’m in unfamiliar territory. I usually ask the server what the chef is most excited about that night, but taste is subjective and that doesn’t always work.

So I love the approach that food critic Todd Kilman takes in helping us read restaurant menus.

He takes a local menu and highlights key things to look for and the “menu within a menu” that signals what the restaurant might do best.

washingtonian how to read a menu example

If you’re still perfecting your foodie skills, this is worth a quick read!

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  1. Gene

    June 16, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    Very useful post! Thanks, Keri.

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