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Experiencing the Best Ham Sandwich in the World

a sandwich on a plate

While in Barcelona last fall it only seemed fitting that I try out the “best ham sandwich in the world.

The Le Meridian Las Ramblas where my dad and I were staying was only a few doors down from Cafe Viena. And like most Barcelona semi-foodie tourists, I’d already read Mark Bittman’s review of Cafe Viena.
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The flauta d’ibéric d.o. jabugo. A masterpiece of flavorful prosciutto-like ham and fresh baguette. If it was even a tenth as good as the review, I’d be happy!
My dad and I were still in the process of norming our travel schedule — he wanted to work out and nap rather than lunch, whereas I had only nibbled at breakfast and was ready  for food — so I headed out alone. I also needed something fun to distract me from the fact nowhere in Barcelona carried the right power cord for my laptop.
The interior of the smallish cafe was charming and made me think of old fashioned soda fountains I’d gone to as a kid. Though perhaps the ceiling and piano were a little more ornate than I was used to.
a woman sitting at a counter in a restaurant
a sign on the ceiling of a restaurant
 As mentioned in the review, the menus are nothing fancy — just plastic coated listings of various viands.
a menu with pictures of food
a menu with pictures of food and drinks
I barely looked, I knew what I was there for. At € 6.75 it was twice as much as all the other flautas, but I was hopeful.
It arrived and I was a little worried. A slender baguette with just a few slices of ham. After the first bite I was sold. A delicious combination of exquisite, slightly greasy ham and a fresh, crusty roll.
a sandwich on a plate
Maybe not the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but definitely in the top 3. 🙂

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