That Time Delta Wouldn’t Let Me Book an Award and Then Rubbed It In

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I found out last minute I needed to be in New York yesterday, so I immediately started looking into my award ticket options. I could get from DCA to JFK for only 4500 Avios but for the return my only option was on Delta for only 12,500 miles.

And when I went to book the Delta award ticket I got an error message on the payment page. I tried again and it returned the message that the flight was no longer available. A third try and on the final page it was pricing at 32,500 Skymiles. Definitely not worth it.

I happened to find a cheap enough flight to buy my ticket on American and that was that.

Until that afternoon when I was in the lounge waiting for my American flight. I got a text about my Delta flight.

delta award reservation with no ticket flight delay text alert

Huh. That was strange. I guess I accidentally signed up for flight updates before my reservation was denied? Then I got an email telling me my Delta flight was delayed. With a confirmation number.

delta award reservation with no ticket flight delay email alert

Panic. I was pretty sure the reservation hadn’t been finalized. And I certainly hadn’t received a confirmation email. But had I somehow booked the flight for 12,500 Skymiles without knowing it?

I logged into my account. It registered I had a flight. But no Skymiles had been deducted.

delta award reservation with no ticket

I attempted to click on it for more details and was even taken to the seat selection page but told I couldn’t select 24 hours out.

delta award reservation with no ticket seat selection unavailable

Pulling up the Delta customer service number I decided to also see if I could check into the flight. And at that point “no reservation can be found.”

delta award reservation with no ticket check in

Phew. So apparently a reservation had been created for me but no ticket attached.

Still. It was rather unsporting of them. 🙂

And the updates continued…


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