Cheaper Airfare Coming This Fall?

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Apparently the average cost per round-trip ticket is projected to drop by 5% in August according to this Fortune article by Christopher Elliott. According to the forecast by Hopper based on leisure travel, average prices will be at a 4 year low.

fortune 2015 airfare estimate chart

So how can you find these cheap flights?

  • AirfareWatchdog will send you a daily digest of all the sales and unadvertised airfare deals from your selected airport.
  • Google Flights’ calendar function lets you see the cheapest travel days at a glance as well as recommend cheaper airports.
  • Kayak’s Explore feature displays a map of the cheapest destinations from your selected airport, and if you don’t put in a time frame it will show you the cheapest ticket booked to that city in the last day and the dates of travel.


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