“I Died of Dysentery on the Oregon Trail”

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Even if you didn’t play The Oregon Trail computer game in school, you may still find this historic landmark exciting!

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On a brief (~30 hour) but fairly comprehensive road trip around Wyoming, my friends took me to Guernsey to see the Oregon Trail Ruts. That’s right! They exist!!!

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In certain areas the wagons had to cross rocky ground and gradually wore great ruts into the stone. And they’re still there!


The park offers a paved area to show you two areas of wagon carved rock, but I recommend going a little farther to the east along the sandy path to see some better examples.a large rock path with a crack in the ground

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FYI — the signage to get to the park is not well labeled towards the end. You’ll pass the Guernsey State Park on your left, then take your first right immediately before the river (and at the time of this posting, the traffic light) and follow the road for a mile or so.

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And if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can play the original Oregon Trail online for free.

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