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Hong Kong Palace: Great Chinese Food a Few Minutes From DC

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If you’re looking for good Chinese food in Northern Virginia inside the beltway, give Hong Kong Palace a try!

It’s located in a strip shopping center a few doors down from my favorite Laotian restaurant, Bangkok Golden, and across the street from great Dim Sum. It doesn’t look like much on the inside, but don’t be fooled. Just make sure you completely ignore the laminated American menu and focus on the traditional menu.

Following Tyler Cowen’s recommendations, we ordered the chengdu dumplings (pan fried) which were quite meaty and not too doughy.Hong Kong Palace Chinese Food DC Chengdu Dumplings

The Dan Dan noodles with a pleasant amount of numbing sauce :).

Hong Kong Palace Chinese Food DC Dan Dan Noodles

The dried beef with sesame, spicy but with some nice sweetness.

Hong Kong Palace Chinese Food DC Dried Beef Appetizer

The Cumin Lamb which stole the show and was my favorite.

Hong Kong Palace Chinese Food DC Cumin Lamb

The Tiger Peppers which were bearably spicy and had a great flavor. Huge portions!

Hong Kong Palace Chinese Food DC Tiger Peppers

I loved everything we got and wasn’t expecting the portions to be so generous. And at the end of the meal the chef came out to ask how we liked everything and if it had been too spicy. When we assured her it wasn’t, she started recommending other specials and pointing out other dishes we should try next time. Can’t wait to go back!

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