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Best Dim Sum in DC

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Looking for good dim sum in Washington, DC? Skip Ping Pong in Chinatown which has a cool atmosphere but very mediocre, abet decorative, dumplings. Instead, head across the river to Arlington for two affordable options that aren’t quite Yank Sing or Hong Kong Flower Palace levels, but quite tasty.

The first, Mark’s Duck House, is in a shabby shopping center in Falls Church, they have good BBQ pork and roast duck, but what they do best is their lunch dim sum. Better yet, it’s available 7 days a week and relatively affordable. 6-8 dishes will only cost you $30.

They do the classics quite well, I really like their steamed pork dumplings, potstickers, etc. They also have fun specials that pop up time to time on the carts. On this most recent tour we accidentally wound up with a seafood theme, but no worries, they have plenty of pork, beef, and duck options.

Shumai, delicious dumplings of pork and shrimp.

marks duck house shumai

Har gow, shrimp dumplings.

Mark's Duck House har gow shrimp dumplings

Scallop stuffed eggplant (YUM!)

Shrimp stuffed eggplant mark's duck house

Fried shrimp dumplings with coconut.

Mark's Duck House Fried Shrimp Ball

And a flavorful vegetable potsticker that wound up having shrimp in it as well.

Shrimp and vegetable potsticker Mark's Duck House

Another great option is China Garden on the second floor of an office building in Rosslyn (metro accessible). They only serve dim sum on the weekends, and it’s best to get there early because there is usually a line by the time they open at 11. It’s increased in general popularity, but it’s clearly a favorite of Chinese tour buses and families. Service is inconsistent, but when they’re ready for you to leave, they’ll magically procure any dishes you were still hoping for.


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