Are SPG Hot Escapes Gone for Good?

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More bad news coming on the heels Marriott buying Starwood? I popped over to the SPG Hot Escapes page this morning to see what the latest deals were and discovered this landing page.

spg hot escapes discontinued

I’m not sure if SPG Hot Escapes have just been temporarily suspended in anticipation of some Black Friday deals, but based on the language, I feel like they might be gone for good.

“Starting next Monday, lock in the year’s best rates — at more hotels than ever before. Stay from November 24, 2015, through September 6, 2016.”

In the past, as recent as last week, SPG Hot Escapes would come out every Wednesday morning at 8AM and offer discounts of 20-65%+ off participating properties for stays in the next 6 weeks.  Now it appears as though it might just be a landing page for general promotions.

I’ll be keeping watch but I’m not hopeful.


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