SPG Hot Escapes Are In: Deals in Europe and the Middle East

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This week’s SPG Hot Escapes have been announced and there are quite a few properties in Europe and the Middle East, otherwise, not too exciting. Hot Escapes offer a 20%+ discount for stays at participating properties in the next 6 weeks. SPG members get an additional 5% off.

Not surprisingly, both Turkey and Egypt have a few properties at 20% off and the UAE has 14 hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on sale.

There are over 60 hotels in Europe, 19 in Germany alone including several airport options in Frankfort and Munich.

If you’re traveling to London soon you have 6 properties at a 20% discount.

There’s not many options in the US, but if you’re staying in Chicago both the Sheraton Grand and The Gwen are on sale.

Since SPG’s Cyber Monday sale ended a day earlier than announced, SPG’s hot escapes have been a little lackluster and also a little haphazard. I usually tune in right around 8 or 9AM on Wednesdays when they’re first released and have found in the last couple of weeks that they’re not always complete. More properties tend to get added throughout the day. So head’s up for what it’s worth.

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