My First Impressions of Dubai in Pictures

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I just wrapped up an amazing week in Dubai, which I enjoyed far more than I dreamed. Part of that might be because I spent most of the time out in the desert at Al Maha Resort. I’ve never experienced a desert quite like it and taxed even my best friend’s patience exclaiming incessantly that “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

More reports to come, but in the meantime I can let the pictures speak for themselves.

When it #rains in #Dubai, it pours!

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Interior of Burj Al Arab

Interior of Burj Al Arab

camel train al maha resort dubai

sunset in the desert al maha resort dubai

Sunset in the desert

Al Maha Resort Infinity Pool view

The view from my pool

Al Maha Resort Dune Bashing activity multiple vehicles

“Dune Bashing”

Al Maha Resort Oryx dune



Al Maha Resort Keri horseback riding

Riding an Arabian across the Arabian dunes

Al Maha resort dubai nature drive sunset view

Al Maha Resort Dunes Dubai in difference

No two dune look alike 🙂

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First Impressions of Dubai in Pictures
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