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The Greatest Laptop Charger Ever?

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I’m a fan of travel tech and accessories, but I’d never have believed I would be sooooo excited about my new laptop charger that I’d be showing it off to random seatmates and dragging it into converstations with friends. Or that I would think paying $99.99 was worth it.

But here I am, a week into using my new Zolt laptop charger and I’m enthralled. I like everything about it — it’s small, effective, and minimizes the space I need in my luggage and in the lounge. It’s worth every penny.

Friday productivity courtesy of Centurion Lounge

Friday productivity courtesy of Centurion Lounge

It’s tiny compared to my previous battery packs. Smaller than a jar of spices (I’m bad at finding good comparisons) and with only one thin connecting cord compared to the bulky set of cords my previous charger had. Because it plugs directly into the wall, you’re spared the need for that second cord.

zolt charger size comparison

I spent about 30 seconds trying to wrap each of these up.

Even better, you can plug two additional USB devices in, sparing the need to bring along for additional usb power adaptors. And having three devices plugged in at once doesn’t seem to decrease the speed at which they charge.

It will fit most laptops, coming with 8 tips. That’s more than I can say for every emergency charger I bought in Spain…

Zolt Charger Laptop tips

Color isn’t really important when it comes to my laptop cords, but it’s cool you can pick from a purple, red, or dark gray.

I’m always looking for ways to lighten my laptop case which doubles as a purse in addition to holding my laptop, iPad, phone, travel wallet, and all the cords necessary to power all my devices. Saving space and weight is worth alot to me.

The only thing I’m concerned about is whether I’ll be able to keep it plugged in on planes where the power outlets are lose and the weight of the battery might pull it out. So will keep you posted on that.

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