Portable Smartphone Battery For Outdoors, CoffeeBar, & More

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The December Cairn box came in over the holidays and I was pretty pleased, but that could be because I’m a huge fan of portable batteries. 🙂

The major piece was the Power Practical Lithium 4400 ($30) which can charge a phone at least once and has a built in lantern that can last 30+ hours. The downside is its not a lightning charger and it’s rather heavy. So it’s something I’ll keep in my glove compartment but probably not my laptop case.

Cairn December Box Review portable battery

Should this heat spell on the east coast ever end, the Sierra Sage Green Goo Dry Skin Stick ($10) infused with Calendula flowers and the Heat Up Hand Warmers ($1) will be good for winter weather.
Cairn December Box Review hand warmer dry skin balm

And since I just learned that caffeine is one of the best pre-workout stimulants, the Grounds Foods Mocha Latte CoffeeBar ($3) is a nice add to one’s rucksack.

Cairn December Box Review coffee bar

The box runs $25 a month, and every other month I question if it’s worth the price, but overall I’m pretty pleased. And I do love getting boxes in the mail 🙂 If you’re interested in signing up, (cue shameless plug), please tell them Keri Anderson at sent you.

They do have a loyalty program of sorts. Earn 250 points and get a free box. You get 25 points for completing your profile and 25 points per box you review. Getting a friend to sign up gives you 100 points.

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