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11 Quirky & Fun Sights Around Key West

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I didn’t have enough time to fully appreciate Key West, but here are some of the sights that caught my fancy during a a quick stroll around town.

1. No pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but apparently unlimited opportunities.

Key West end of rainbow sign end of rt 1

2. Lots of poultry running around, literally running. This rooster joined the runner for about half a block.

Key West Duval Runner & Rooster

3. Mallory Square, the best place to view the sunset, has no sunset when the cruise ship is in town.

key west mallory square sunset cruise ship

4. You can visit the southernmost point in the continental US. And the Southernmost House, the Southernmost Beach Resort, Southernmost Beach Cafe, the actual southermost house, pretty much southernmost anything.

southernmost point Florida

5. Witnessing crime can be quite lucrative. Not just a cash reward, but BIG MONEY.

Key West Crime Stoppers sign

6. The Green Parrot’s outdoor free library is quite unique!

Green Parrot Outside Free Library

Green Parrot free library close up

Green parrot key west free library cookin

7. At the Ernest Hemingway house, no credit cards, and no picking up the cats.

Hemingway House ticket booth

8. Fancy convenience stores.

Key West Walgreens The Strand

9. The Key West Post Office is where all the cool birds hang.

Key west chickens post office

10. Sidewalk poetry. “Oh noetry”

Key West sidewalk poetry

11. The Key West Airport has an outdoor beach bar gate-side, with real sand.

key west airport beach bar

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