What to Pack for a Winter Escape

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Mid February is the worst. The excitement of the holiday season has vanished, yet the bills and the extra pounds remain. For most, it’s nothing but snow, ice, and dried out pale skin for the foreseeable future. Given the circumstances, it’s certainly not tough to talk yourself into a long weekend escape.

Once you’ve booked yourself a flight someplace warm and fabulous, it’s time to get packing. Here are a few style essentials you’ll need for a getaway.

  • Cute swimsuit: A no-brainer since you picked a place for some beach / pool time, or at least has a relaxing hot tub. Not quite bikini ready? Be confident and embrace your curves! But if you’d still prefer a more modest route, no worries. The one-piece is making a major comeback. Stick to one color you love, rather than a print. Since bathing suits can be ridiculously expensive (especially for the amount of material!), head to Target. They have a great selection, at totally reasonable prices with lots of mix and match options. Just go in knowing you’ll likely only get one season of wear out of it.

  • Cover-up, visor, and sunnies: Make your dermatologist proud – enjoy that time in the sun, but do it safely. A wide-brimmed hat would be ideal, but they can be cumbersome and difficult to pack. A fun visor makes a good substitute, and makes it easy to put your hair up as well. Sunglasses are a must – squinting will only create unwanted wrinkles down the road. Good sunnies are worth splurging on, since they’re used year round and can instantly add attitude and glamour to any outfit. Polarized lenses make a world of difference – reducing glare and providing added protection. Try them, and you’ll never go back to standard lenses.

  • Boyfriend jeans: More fashion-forward and comfortable than skinnies, wear these on the plane. Later, they can be dressed up with fabulous stilettos and a great top for dinner and night out. Or, pair with sandals or cute sneakers for casual lunches or daytime activities.

  • Great Blazer: Wear it on the plane with your boyfriend jeans and a simple t-shirt, and ditch it when you step out of the airport and into the sun. Use it again when you head out on a chilly night.

  • Maxi Dress: Light and airy, a good maxi is perfect for brunch, daytime activities, and can even be paired under that blazer for a more polished look.

  • Fun costume jewelry: I prefer not to travel with any valuable or sentimental jewelry- I tend to “misplace†things. Bring along a few fun statement necklaces, bracelets, and cocktail rings that give an outfit some panache. If it’s lost or forgotten? No big deal – it can easily be replaced. Or, pick up an piece of jewelry made locally as a memento from your vacation.

Don’t waste energy stressing about what to bring with you on your trip. Who you’re going with and where you’re headed are much more important. And always remember, should you forget something critical, chances are you can always buy it there.

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