Great Rental Car Promo: Free Gas for March Rentals

Silvercar, my favorite rental car company, has a fun new promotion running March 20-31. Make a reservation with code FREEFUEL and they’ll fill up the tank at no cost when you return it. That includes both the cost of the gas and the flat refill fee.

silvercar february discount code

Of course free refueling isn’t quite as big a cost savings as it would be if it were a different car rental place. One of the many things I love about Silvercar is their refueling option — they’ll refill the tank at market price and only charge you what it cost plus a $5 flat fee. So no having to prepurchase the entire tank of gas and no $9 a gallon nonsense.

Still, getting free gas through the end of March is definitely a discount and one less thing to worry about!

Another thing for everyone celebrating spring break in a Silvercar city, they rent to anyone 22 or older and don’t charge an underage driver fee. If you’re under 25, this is a great opportunity to rent a gorgeous Audi A4 for probably less than you’d spend on an economy car and underage surcharge. 🙂

And first time Silvercar customers can get $25 back after their first rental by signing up with my link.

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