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Dublin in a Day: 9 Daft Things to Do

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In honor of St Patrick’s Day: 9 things to do with a day in Dublin. A few years ago I booked a really cheap mileage run that gave me about 24 hours to see the city for the first time and I made the most of it despite wet, blustery weather.

1. Take One of the Most Expensive Cab Rides in the World

Based on a survey a few years ago, a taxi from Dublin Airport to the city center is the 12th most expensive cab ride in the world, fortunately based on distance, not cost.
Taxi queue

2. Visit the Wall of Irish Sports

Temple Bar is best known for its pubs, but if also has a myriad of boutiques and galleries. If you’re out and about in the daylight there’s also a random street that features Irish fashion over the century and Bedford Lane that chronicles Irish sports and poets.

dublin wall of irish sports bedford lane

3. Shake Hands with an 800 Year Old Mummy

A tour of St. Michan’s Church includes a trip to the crypt, where some of the first occupants have mummified thanks to the damp air and limestone walls. Among them, an 800 year old crusader (coffin at the top of the picture) whose hand you might be allowed to “shake” at the end of the tour.

Crypt contents photo courtesy of St Michans Church

4. Learn How to Pour the Perfect Pint

The Guinness Experience not only offers a history of the famous beer, you have the option of learning how to pour the perfect foaming pint or enjoy a complimentary pint with a view of Dublin. Or both!

Guinness Experience Dublin perfect pint

5. Run Red Lights in a Horse Drawn Carriage

If you like horse drawn carriage rides, they’re a great way to see the historic Dublin, especially if you’re far away from other attractions at the Guiness Experience. Just be prepared to run a few red lights!

Dublin Horse Carriage to Trinity College

6. Check Out a Library Where Books are Organized by Size

The Old Library at Trinity College Dublin is definitely worth a visit. Beautiful stacks, arranged by book size, A being the largest. It’s also home to the amazing Book of Kells (available online for free).

Trinity College Tour Old Library Long Room

7. Visit a Viking Settlement Under Dublin Castle

Far beneath the cobblestones and fancy state rooms of Dublin Castle are the ruins of a viking city. It’s accesible only by guided tour so plan your day accordingly and it gets cold down there, so bring a jacket.

Dublin Castle Medieval Undercroft descent (1)

8. Experience Dublin’s Astonishingly Good Food Scene

It used to be Irish food was best known for not being as bad as British cuisine but that has clearly changed. Dublin has amazing (and affordable) restaurants so be sure to make time for at least one 3 course meal!

Pichet Dublin Baked Lemon Creme Raspberry Sorbet

9. Go Siteseeing in a Thatched Cottage Bar on Wheels

Irish Day Tours runs an evening Irish Folklore Tour visiting several beautiful and important sites outside of Dublin, regaling you with folklore and guinness along the way. In a bus painted to look like a thatched cottage and outfitted inside to be just like a pub!

dublin tours story-teller-bus

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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