Brothels, Cocaine & Gucci Shoes

a woman's legs in high heels

Highlights and headlines from around the web:

Travel wreaks havoc on my diet and thus my nutrition, so I try to be conscious of taking supplements to fill in the gaps. But I don’t always remember what goes with what fo5 hair, skin, and nails. Fortunately Harper’s Bazaar has put together a cheat sheet for navigating the vitamin aisle.

Hyatt’s new promo is pretty exciting with a chance to net 5,000 bonus points after just 5 nights, 75,000 bonus points with 25 nights. This is particularly great for people with a lot of business travel!

Lots of news this week about airline crew making money on the side.

A United Airlines pilot has apparently been running brothels in Houston.

A JetBlue flight attendant and former Jamican beauty queen ditched 70lbs of cocaine and her Gucci shoes when she was pulled aside for secondary screening at the LAX TSA checkpoint. Legality aside, one should never take anything of value through security or even through the airport since agents can seize it for no good reason.

And if you’ve been holding on to some VHS rentals for over a decade, say a copy of Freddy Got Fingered, make sure you get those returned. Even if the Video Rental store is no longer operating.


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