Rent Jackie O’s Greek Island Getaway, Get Sunburned on Planes & More

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Conde Nast Traveler has several articles of interest.

Villa Eartha, Jackie O’s 7 bedroom retreat south of Athens has been renovated and is now available as a vacation rental. If that’s beyond your reach, you can always enjoy the brochure. 🙂

And apparently you can get sunburned sitting in the window seat of a plane! How about tan? Can you get tan? If that were possible I’d change my preference from aisle every time!

A nod to Easter icons, an island infested with bunnies.
cool-bunny-island-Okunoshima-Japan-from themetapicture

Last summer DC got a “beach” made of thousands of plastic balls. Now those balls are being turned into a giant Lego set in the mysterious Dupont Underground. It’s only open April 30 through June 1 and advance reservations are required. So if you have a summer trip planned, thinking about snagging a ticket.

Angkor Wat is on my travel wish list. In the meantime take a  helicopter tour of Angkor Wat.


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