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Vinebox: Boutique Wines Delivered by the Glass

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There’s a new wine game in town, Vinebox delivers 3 monthly wine samples from boutique wineries not usually found in the stores. If you like the wine, you can order directly through them. I love trying new and unique wines and I clearly love monthly subscription boxes, so I was eager to try.

Initial Vinebox Impressions

When it comes to packaging, they have it down! A luxe box with magnetic flap, open it up and you have three beautiful vials (?) of wine, carefully nestled in foam.

Vinebox Review angle

April Vinebox Review wines

Your tasting cards are packaged like an invitation and feature witty writing and clever phrases on the back.

Vinebox Review Aristophanes

The presentation is exquisite and everyone I’ve shown it to falls in love with it.

April Vinebox Review Wine Packaging

The serving size is a little disappointing though. I hear “glass” and I’m thinking it’s at least 5 oz, if not more. Those attractive little tubes only hold about 4 oz. I tried my first Vinebox with 3 friends and we each had just enough for two sips. Truly a tasting.

The second box I shared with only one friend and that felt a little more reasonable.

Vinebox serving size

At $35 a box + $6 shipping, it’s not cheap, which makes the small serving size a little harder to justify.

Vinebox Wines

But what really matters with a box like this is the wine. I judge wine based both on flavor and price, and this is another area I was disappointed. You are getting to try new and good wines from Europe that you can’t get elsewhere, but at those prices you can find better wines. Still, its fun.

The April Vinebox, my first, contained a 2014 La Dame Blanche Sauvignon Blanc ($25) from Bourdeaux. Honestly, it didn’t smell or taste like much. Just wetness in your mouth. I was even careful not to chill it too much to maximize the flavor and as a slight wine snob I was glad to see the tasting notes suggested that approach as well.

April Vinebox Review La Dame Blanche

The second wine we tried was the 2013 Castelmaure “Cuvee N 3”, a glorious blend of Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Cinsault, and Mourvedre with a nose that stole the show! Unfortunately it wasn’t worth the $40 a bottle.

April Vinebox Review Castelmaure Cuvee

The third wine was a 2009 Chateau Suau Cadillac-Cotes de Bourdeaux, the first vintage under that new classification. It was also tasty, but not worth $35.

The May Vinebox was definitely more of a win.

May Vinebox Review Contents

The 2014 Cuvee Laurine Viognier from Cotes du Rhone ($20) had a delightful nose of fresh peaches. A little bitter on the tongue but with swirling that dissipated.

May Vinebox Review Cuvee Laurine

The 2013 Muzard & Fils Vielles Vignes Pinot Noir ($45) was so light that I originally assumed (before looking at the card) that it was going to be a new type of rose. Alas. It had a very pungent nose but not a lot of flavor even after letting it sit the 10 minutes they suggest.May Vinebox Review muzard & fils

The last wine was the 2013 La Rectorie Collioure ($39) — Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Cinsault, and Mourvedre. Gorgeous. Floral fruity nose and nice finish.May Vinebox Review La Rectorie Collioure

Overall Vinebox Impression

This box is perfect for busy folks with discretionary income who enjoy wine, but know little about it. This box is a great conversation piece, offers wine tasting tips, and offers a wine tasting in France experience without a plane ticket.

Also the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine. It’s unique, fun, and covers all preferences.

If you’re into wine, you may enjoy the variety of selections but will find the tasting notes, and even some of the wines, lacking. And if you’re like me who enjoys value as well as flavor, it’s a better deal to buy wines online from sites like WTSO to broaden your horizons.

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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