$19.99 Online Wine Marathon Today!

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WTSO has a new wine deal marathon today 8AM-midnight ET — every bottle $19.99 with free shipping and no minimums! Every 15 minutes, or sooner if the previous bottle sells out, they’ll feature a new wine. All their wines are highly rated and discounts typically 30%-70% off, though I sometimes see them go over 80%.

WTSO is one of my two favorite stores for buying wine online, particularly during their marathons. I’ve never had a bad bottle, so it’s a great way to try new wines inexpensively. The free shipping on any bottle means you can still get a great deal just buying one. So if your wine rack is a little empty, definitely check them out today!

Note: Usually you can find out about the latest bottle on offer via email, the Apple or Android mobile app or Twitter. But because of the high volume on marathon days they suspend email and mobile push notifications. So your best bet to stay updated is to follow them on Twitter or just refresh the home page or mobile app regularly. 🙂

My other favorite online wine shop is Last Bottle which has a similar setup but a different array of wines. Sign up via this link to get $5 off your first purchase.

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