Matching Luggage Didn’t Work Out So Well for British Olympic Team

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One of the few times bright red luggage might not stand out on the carousel. I saw this Washington Post article and had to laugh: “British Olympic team’s decision to issue 900 identical bags backfires at baggage claim

That’s right. Great for branding, not so much for convenience.

The article has a great collection of social media pictures from various athletes worth checking out.

And a good reminder to make sure your checked bag is easily distinguishable from others — color, design, crazy bag tags, something! I always have an internal struggle when buying a new bag. The desire to satisfy my personal preference for something understated and classy (if luggage can be classy) and the desire to identify my checked bag in seconds. My decision to be frugal and buy my suitcase in bright purple instead of the more expensive, better looking black has definitely paid off. Have a feeling one of these days though I’m going to arrive and there will be half a dozen purple suitcases on the belt and I’ll have to go with something more extreme.


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  1. I’d be able to find my luggage. It is lime green floral that is ugly but no one else has luggage like it. Lol

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