An Easy Way to Figure Out Which Travel Credit Cards You Should Sign Up For

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It can be challenging to stay on top of all the various credit card options and offers and figure out which ones will get you towards your dream trip. I know some Heels First Travel readers have already mastered this and know far more than I do, in which case this post will not be helpful.

I also know many are new to travel or only have a few minutes a week to spend on these things. That’s why I was excited to hear about Abroaders’ new web app, even more so when they offered a free upgrade for my readers!

I’ve been friends with the guys at Abroaders for awhile (even did a podcast with them on solo travel) and find them a great option for the newbie or busy traveler. Especially since they also book economy award tickets, not just business and first class.

Also appealing — rather than working with you on a per-trip basis, you tell them every award trip you hope to take in the next year or two and they help create a custom plan for how to earn the requisite airline miles and hotel points — a plan that does not involve churning.

And now there’s an online option!

How to use Abroaders new, free web app

  1. Sign Up
  2. Indicate your travel goalsa screenshot of a travel plan
  3. Enter in your existing mileage and points balances (you can link your Award Wallet account to make it easier)a screenshot of a computer
  4. Indicate if you’re ready and able to apply for any credit cards in the next few days. If not, they’ll follow up with you.a close-up of a card
  5. List any credit cards you’ve had in the past so they can evaluate your eligibility for future applications.

They’ll then contact you with the best credit card sign up bonuses as they happen. For $25 a month, they’ll create a personalized plan (including for couples), helping you figure out which specific cards to apply for based on your normal spending habits and the current best offers.

And they’re waiving that $25 monthly fee for Heels First Travel readers! Just sign up via this link to get personalized recommendations for free. 🙂

Here’s a simple example of how it works:

  • Suzy and John fill out the web app indicating they want to travel to Europe together.
  • John has 10,ooo American Airline miles and opened 6 credit cards in the last 24 months.
  • Suzy has 30,000 United miles and has 2 applied for two new cards in the last 24 months.
They might advise John to apply for the Citi American Airlines card with the 50,000 mile sign up bonus because that will combine with his existing balance to get 60,000 miles, enough for two one way award tickets in economy to Europe.
Suzy would benefit most from applying for the Chase Sapphire because she is under the 5/24 rule and can combine the Chase points with her United miles.
And of course it can get much more complex then that depending on where in the world you want to go and in what class of service. 🙂
So, if you have limited time and/or don’t enjoy mastering award charts and conversion stats, consider giving Abroaders a try for your next award trip.  I would love to know how it goes!

Full Disclosure: I may receive affiliate credit from links in this post or on this site which will help fund my travels. Thank you for your support!

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