Google Uses Preferences To Create Unwearable Fashions

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When I saw Engadget’s article “Google’s Project Muze creates unwearable fashion pieces” with the subtitle “Work those crazy vines, work those crazy vines on the catwalk.” I just had to click.

And then I had to waste an hour during a layover experimenting with it. They weren’t wrong.

Google Fashion Project Muse spiky

I will not be rocking this on any runway.

Project Muse is a partnership between Google and Zalando to create virtual fashion designs. The designs are created using Google Fashion Trends reports and the preferences of 600 style experts and customized based on your responses to 5 questions while listening to atmospheric spa music.

Google Fashion Project Muse

Clearly I don’t understand my personal style or maybe I’ll never be fashion-forward.

First is age and gender.

Google Fashion Project Muse pick age

Then mood.

Google Fashion Project Muse pick mood

Then it was either an art or music preference question.

Google Fashion Project Muse pick art

Then you have to draw something. Yikes!

Google Fashion Project Muse draw something

Hopefully none of my beach vacations look like this.

Nope, not wearing it.

I will not be rocking

Answering additional questions like favorite color of ocean or where is my happy place did not make it better.

Google Fashion Project Muse additional questions

Apparently I’m not cool enough for vines…

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