Travel Inspired Coloring Books for Adults

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Coloring books for adults are all the craze right now, so much it’s created a global shortage of colored pencils. As they’ve grown in popularity, so has the demand for more intricate, sophisticated designs. And now there’s a Vogue Coloring Book!

Vogue Colors A to Z  “features a Jazz Age–inspired alphabet, as well as 26 iconic Vogue covers from 1912 to 1932″ and “a stunning six-page gatefold of twenty-one glamorous dresses from 1912–1932 to color, tear out, and display.”

vogue-fasion adult coloring book credit vogue website

And if travel appeals more than fashion coloring books, there are a lot of fun options out available. If I didn’t try to travel light, I’d be tempted to bring a few along on my next 15 hour flight.

Vintage Travel Postcards Coloring Book: For Adults and Curious Children
I LOVE vintage travel posters and my walls would be lined with them if I had the room, so this is definitely up my alley!Vintage Travel Postcards adult coloring books

Sketches from the South of France
Experience all the relaxin charm of the villages and countryside.

Sketches from the South of France adult coloring books

World Traveler Coloring Book: 30 World Heritage Sites
Travel the world’s historic sites with your pencil! (Though seeing the Eiffel Tower look like an Easter egg rather offends my aesthetic…)

World Traveler Coloring Book 30 World Heritage Sites Adult Coloring Books

Travel Between the Lines Adult Coloring Book: Inspirational Coloring for Globetrotters and Daydreamers
Drawings made from personal travel photos. Love this one because many of the pictures come from unique angles and perspectives.

travel between the lines adult coloring book

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