Would You Drink Beet Wine? Experiencing Laramie’s Meadery

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I’ve had fruit wine but never a beet wine. One of the joys of traveling (to me) is experiencing things interesting and new. And this weekend in Laramie, WY, the latest was beet wine of all things.beet-wine-the-great-untamed-laramie-wy

Not wine with beet juice added, but rather beets fermented and aged in a wine style. It was interesting. It tasted like beets, but not beet juice. It had a lovely ruby color. I had two glasses, intrigued the whole time. Not sure I’ll ever need or want to drink it again, but it was awesome to try. 🙂 I think I still prefer the pomegranate wine made in Alaska

Apparently beet wine is how The Great Untamed got its start. As a college student the owner/winemaker’s mom sent him back to school with a ton of beets. And making alcohol of the excess beets seemed the logical choice. It was enough of a success that he continued, eventually starting his own business.


The Great Untamed also offers more traditional options, including a variety of interesting and seasonal meads, such as Basil Mint and Cranberry, as well as fruit wines from peach to strawberry to rhubarb.

I didn’t have time this trip to do a tasting, but highly recommend it as a fun stop in Laramie’s charming downtown. For the beer inclined, definitely check out Altitude Chophouse and Brewery for their rotating selections a few blocks on away on Second St, followed by Coal Creek Tap on Grand Ave.


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