Next 2 Days: Wine Steals from Last Bottle’s Holiday Wine Marathon

a group of wine bottles

Maybe I should rename the blog Last Bottle Travel…I’ve been so enthused about one of my favorite online wine shops recently. If I’m not picking up wine from wineries I’m visiting, I’m pretty much just stocking my cellar from WTSO and Last Bottle Wines.

And Last Bottle Wines has yet another wine marathon starting today. Over the next two days they’ll be running through thousands of bottles, at hopefully, crazy good prices, AND donating $10,000 to The Napa Valley Food Bank . To quote their email:

We have been shopping, collecting, saving and cutting deals like madnen the last month and have amassed a blockbuster selection of killer wines at mad, mad, market-crushing prices. a group of bottles of wine

So far I’ve been seeing everything from $10 bottles of Malbec to $175 bottles from Napa.

The best part? No shipping minimum. Buy a bottle and it ships for free! The only sad part, not in time for the holidays, so using this as a holiday gift opportunity won’t work.

If you’re new to Last Bottle Wines, sign up via my link and get $10 towards your first purchase.

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