Up to 20% Off Birchbox Gift Subscriptions

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Head’s up: Birchbox is rewarding last minute shoppers by offering up to a 20% discount on Birchbox gift subscriptions and gift cards.a couple of numbers with text

  • 10% off a 3 month subscription with code Merry3
  • 10% off a 3 month subscription with code Merry6
  • 10% off a 3 month subscription with code Merry12

Note: You can’t apply more than one promo code at checkout, so you’ll need to decide if you want the discount above, 50 points ($5 store credit) with code 50POINTS, or $10 off for purchasing a limited edition box and a subscription gift card with code DOUBLEYAY.

Don’t know their address? Sending a gift card lets the recipient choose where and when to receive their boxes.

Thinking of someone who is already a Birchbox subscriber? That’s no longer a problem as they’ve made it possible for folks to link their gift to their existing account and extend their subscription rather than get duplicate boxes.

Not sure if Birchbox is the right beauty box? Here’s a quick comparison of my favorites:

Birchbox — $10 a month, good value, slightly higher end beauty products with ability to customize profile.

Glossybox — $21 a month, pricey but designer and recently launched brands, often have full size samples.

Sephora Play — $10 a month, great value, similar brands to Birchbox but often more samples and less repetition in the selection.

Walmart Beauty Box — $5 a quarter, drugstore brands, good value and perfect if you need travel size samples of basic items.

Don’t want a subscription? Both Target and Amazon offer one-off beauty boxes.

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