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The Trek To Calicraft is Worth It

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I’d never heard of Calicraft til I saw it mentioned under the SF Beer Fest events. And my eye was caught by their Reserve Rose Release. Yep, some of their beers are made with wine ingredients, everything from wine yeast, wine barrels, to wine skins and pommace (what’s left after the grapes are pressed).

From the South Bay it was about an hour drive on the weekend with no traffic, and it was worth the trek. Calificraft is located in an office park and boasts its own hop garden (wouldn’t that be a cool view from your office window)?

Calicraft Walnut Grove Brewery Hop Garden

It’s pet and kid friendly – there was baby party with several dozen guests just getting started when I arrived.Calicraft Brewing Walnut Grove CA

Calicraft Walnut Grove Brewery Decor

Calicraft Brewing Tasting Room Options

Calicraft Walnut Grove Brewery Gift Shop

Calicraft Walnut Grove Brewery Dog Friendly

Calicraft Tasting Room Walnut Grove CA

Has outdoor seating in nice weather and usually a food truck on the weekends. Which is a good thing, cause they only sell light snacks, so you’ll want to bring your own food.

Calicraft Walnut Grove Brewery Sip & Slide Food Truck

Calicraft Walnut Grove Brewery Food Truck Menu

When I was there the truck had created sliders to pair with their specialty beers.

Each flight let you taste 2oz each of up to 6 beers, and since I was with friends, I got to try them all. The “regular” beers were good, their unique sparkling ales and single barrel sours complete standouts. So good I’m still thinking about them!

Calicraft Tasting Flight Sparkling Ales


Calicraft Walnut Grove Brewery Regular Beers

My favorites were the Barrel Project Sours — Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Buzzerklys are a lot of fun too. And I couldn’t believe it, but I even enjoyed their fruit infused 8.25% The Bay IPA. Karl the Fog is their super popular IPA that is quite good but a little hoppy for my taste.

I found their specialty Reserves, the Rose and Chenin Blanc & Viognier a little muted, but somehow when paired with fresh chili cheese fries from the truck, they came alive. Now that’s a pairing!

The place has great vibes and a lively atmosphere. Worth the drive, consider a bringing a designated driver.

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