This Frequent Flyer Paints Inflight…Even in Coach!

Great article on CNN, architect John Gardner is creating stunning sketches and watercolors of life on a plane, while he’s on the plane.

His work is incredible, capturing the mundane of long flights from interesting perspectives. Scrolling through the gallery I could guess many of the airlines from the seatbacks without reading his captions.

What really impressed me is his use of watercolor, in addition to pen and ink!

“What I’ll do is ask for two waters and a coffee — I’ll drink one water — the other’s for the paint,” he says. “I try really hard not to have an accident when it’s a tight space!”

Naturally, it’s always easier if he flies executive — but in economy, aisle seats work best.

“It is virtually impossible to paint in the middle seat with two passengers on either side,” says Gardner. “Everything gets set out on top of the sketchbook and they get nervous the water will spill on them!”

Reading stories like this I feel so inspired, but sadly inspiration does not equal sudden artistic talent. I still remember trying to capture the desert scenery at Al Maha with the pastels provided in our room. It did not go well…
Gardner has only recently gone public with his art. Definitely check out his gallery of pictures on CNN (one of my favorites is the pretzels and coffee stains) and follow him on Instagram at @noj.design for future work.

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