5 Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers Who Travel

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Need gift ideas a wine lover/frequent traveler? How about a wine opener the TSA won’t take or an easier way to cart wine on their travels? Here are 5 wine accessories I use all the time and whole-heartedly recommend!

Wine Check
It’s not just the fear baggage handlers will break your case of wine, it’s the inconvenience of trying to carry or transport an unweildy heavy box along with all your other luggage. The Wine Check is a padded, wheeled case that makes traveling with a case of wine easy.

a red bag with wheels

You can purchase it with a styrofoam shipping case included, or without if you already have one. I take wine cross country every month and The Wine Check has been a life saver, allowing me to navigate airports with a case of wine, my rolling carry on, and my laptop case without help or a SmartCart.

TSA Allowed Corkscrew
Drinking good wine on a trip shouldn’t depend on whether your accommodations have a corkscrew or what the store carries in a screw top. Rather than buying a cheap corkscrew that has to be abandoned before airport security each time, just get a Boomerang wine opener, not bulky and sporting a bladeless foil cutter that meets TSA requirements.

a black and silver corkscrew

Haley’s Corker: Leakproof Wine Stopper
Handy at home and on trips. Haley’s Corker aerates, filters, pours, and recorks. The stopper is so good you can turn the bottle upside down and it won’t spill, perfect if you want to take a half finished bottle with you or you’re trying to cram it in to a tiny fridge. Also works with sparkling wine, beer, and olive oil.a black plastic wine stopper

Individual Wine Protectors
There are several great options for making sure the bottles you pack in your regular luggage 1). don’t break and 2) don’t leak. They’re so thin I usually try to keep one tucked in a suitcase pocket just in case I find something I want to take home.
The Wine Diaper and Jet Bag can absorb a whole bottle of wine, making sure even if the worst happens, it won’t impact the rest of your luggage.a bottle of wine in a package

Wine Wings and Winevinci prevent the worst from happening, cushioning your bottle and offering a seal against leaks.a group of clear plastic bottles with black wings

Wine Bible
This expansive guide is a great start when exploring new wine regions, offering an overview of each area as well as some good winery recommendations. Plus the Kindle version is a bargain at only $1.14!a book cover with a wine glass and text


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  1. Be careful with the individual wine bottle sleeves for luggage – I bought a set of 3 for my trip to Australia and 2 of the 3 I got split open or wouldn’t seal at the zipper. Luckily no bottles ended up breaking and Amazon took them back after my trip. The wineskin ones, although not reusable, are the best ones I’ve found to date – our local liquor store sells them for $1.50 each around the holidays.

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