5 Gift Ideas for the Wine Loving Traveler

a person holding a glass of wine

Several friends have asked me for wine-gift ideas, so sharing my 5 favorite wine products that make enjoying wine and travel that much easier!

1. The Nearly Unconfiscatable Corkscrew for Travel

a black and silver corkscrewYou can’t depend on your accommodations to always have a wine opener, nor do you want to be dependent on local shops’ selection of screw tops. Yet the TSA is likely to confiscate most corkscrews because of the foil cutting blade. The Boomerang is the perfect solution since it has a bladeless foil cutter. Keep it in your carry on and sail through domestic airport security checkpoints, and most, but not all international.

2. Haley’s Corker: 5-in-1 Wine Stopper

a black plastic wine stopper

This is one of my new favorites, both at home and in my carry-on. This multi-purpose wine stopper aerates, strains out cork and particulates, and provides a tight seal preventing further oxidation or spills. I’ve tried turning a full bottle of wine upside down with this cork and it stayed put, nice when you’re transporting an open bottle of wine home from a restaurant or picnic. It’s slim, though arguably non-decorative, profile means it easily fits on fridge shelves or counter tops.

3. Compact Wine Bottle Protection

a bottle of wine in a packageI don’t always know when I’m going to pick up wine during my travels, so having a compact Jet Bag or Wine Skin in my suitcase reduces the risk of a mishap. The Jet Bag and comparable, but less elegantly named Wine Diaper boast linings of extremely absorbant material can swallow a whole bottle of wine should it break in your suitcase, leaving your other belongings free from stain and smell.a hand holding a bottle of wine

The Wine Skin focuses on absorbing shock rather than liquid, with a bubble liner to protect your bottle when your suitcase gets slung and a double seal to prevent leaks.

4. Dedicated Wine Suitcasea red bag with a logo on it

For those that know in advance they’re going to buy wine (or take wine to friends), the Wine Check is an affordable rolling wine shipper that makes it easy to transport up to 12 bottles safely without having to hunt down special case boxes and tape. Not to mention making it possible to juggle your wine and other suitcases without a cart.

5. Iceless Wine chiller

a close up of a strawBeing on the road a lot means you don’t always remember to refill the ice tray, or even keep bottles in the fridge. The Wine Chiller isn’t the equivalent of refrigeration, but it does help keep my pre-chilled bottles cool without having to fill an ice bucket.

So those are some of my faves, what would you add to the list?

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